20th-21st January 2018

Open Source Summit

IIT Kharagpur

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Blazing builds for Android

Tired of long Gradle builds? In this talk, we'll explore open-source build tools like Bazel, Buck which are built and used by industry giants like Google and Facebook to aid developer productivity. The talk will focus on some of the salient features and ideas of these tools. Most importantly, we'll look at how we can adopt these tools while developing Android apps. There are no pre-requisites needed for the talk, though a bit of familiarity with the Android platform would help.

Speaker :

Rameshwar Bhaskaran

Rameshwar Bhaskaran is a 4th year CSE undergrad at IIT-KGP. An avid tech enthusiast, he loves exploring new technologies and building stuff. Rameshwar interned at the Google Apps for Work division at Google Hyderabad in 2017, and is a regular contributor to open source projects. He has worked with Android, Python and Java in his previous internships and projects.

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