20th-21st January 2018

Open Source Summit

IIT Kharagpur

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Open Source: A great provider for all

The dev-verse seems to be dominated by the CS grads these days. But how can you not being one of them, start developing? The pith of this talk would focus on how open-source is the "great provider" for all and how even the big tech giants like Microsoft, Google etc. are going open-source See this. Hopefully, at the end of the talk you would also be able to understand:

  1. How anyone can start developing and why they should?
  2. What it takes to be a developer?

Speaker :

Gaurav Sahu

I am a python and ruby developer with a penchant for Natural Language Processing, pursuing Manufacturing Science & Engineering at IIT Kharagpur. I like to (binge) watch anime, read Sherlock, keep up with the tech-advancements around and very often, I can be spotted hanging-out with other meta-humans.