20th-21st January 2018

Open Source Summit

IIT Kharagpur

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Node.js, GoLang and their approach to Concurrency

Node.js and GoLang are modern languages that are being used to build server-side systems. These languages were designed specifically to make it easier to write good, concurrent code, while ensuring that the final product is efficient when deployed at a large scale. Node.js uses a single-threaded, event-driven model. GoLang uses a construct similar to OS threads, but allowing the developer to work at a higher level of abstraction. This talk will explore the difference between these two approaches and what works best when developing scalable backend systems.

Speaker :

Siddharth Kannan

Siddharth Kannan is a final year Mechanical engineering student at IIT Kharagpur. He has used Node.js at previous internships, including one at the Bangalore-based start-up Elanic, mainly working with frameworks to build REST APIs. He recently built Year in Twitter, a web-app that gives the user a report of their usage of Twitter in 2017, in GoLang. In the past, he has worked with Ruby, Python and PHP. He is active on GitHub, reads a lot of books, as is evident from his Goodreads profile and writes blog posts