20th-21st January 2018

Open Source Summit

IIT Kharagpur

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Open Source, it’s Social Media Presence, Quora instances

Google Summer of Code and it’s perception on social media platforms especially QnA websites like Quora. Open Source Programs. The Old and the New. The difference between the two. Cite examples from the Tapesweni Pathak’s list. Show how the older programs where based on a completely different philosophy in comparison to most of the newer programs. Why have most of the older programs run obsolete. Why are the newer programs more effective. Open Source Help Groups have recently come into existence and they are utilising IMs to help beginners get to their first bug fix. Programs for Women. Elaborate on Women Only programs and how they are acting as stepping stones for GSoC. Talk about a few interesting observations from Quora, that speak of student mentality, and their demands from the open source community.

Speaker :

Samriddhi Sinha

Third year Civil Engineering undergraduate student at IIT Kharagpur. Former Student Software Developer under the Google Summer of Code 2017.

  • Website: http://www.samriddhisinha.in/
  • Quora: https://www.quora.com/profile/Samriddhi-Sinha